The Democracy Myth

As many have no doubt observed, when politicians want to pose as if in a position of moral superiority in government they are very inclined to use the word “democracy” as an icon of good government or even as a kind of talisman. When they do so there is often a tacit assumption that democracy is in some way the ultimate way to govern and not only simply the best way but a markedly superior one to the alternatives. We call this notion “The democracy myth”.

In the book The Democracy Myth” by Frederick Freeman he explains  why democracy isn’t what it’s claimed to be, how it fails to protect the ordinary citizen, how it has dangerous and damaging flaws, and what would make a much better alternative.

More importantly, he expresses the belief that there is a vastly better way to run the world that is practically achievable.   He also outlines how that can be achieved.

This is the web site to accompany the book.

Democracy Myth